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Škoda Octavia combi III 1,6 TDI GreenLine

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Car description - Škoda Octavia combi 1,6 TDI GreenLine

The heart of the Octavia Greenline is a completely new diesel engine 1.6 TDI direct fuel injection and common-rail diesel particulate filter DPF, which has a combined consumption of 3.8 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. Its CO2 emissions are a total of only 99 g / km.

With 77 kW (105 hp) and maximum torque of 250 Nm at 1500-2500 rpm guarantee excellent driving performance. Aerodynamic changes to the chassis for improved airflow, tires with reduced rolling resistance and higher air pressure reduces the power needed for acceleration.


Equipment and vehicle safety - Škoda Octavia combi 1,6 TDI GreenLine

Comfort equipment

Rich equipment GreenLine model includes a number of luxury features including air conditioning and Blues radio with CD and MP3 player and four speakers


Safety Features

Airbags, ESP electronic system, as well as daytime running lights to show that the Octavia GreenLine is an economical, environmentally friendly and also a safe car.


Pyxis wheels

The fifteen-alloy wheels are fitted with Pyxis 195/65 R15 tires with low rolling resistance, which contribute to the reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Litá kola

Security - an area where we do not compromise

Increasing levels of passive and active safety, we keep the maximum attention. In the field of protection of passengers and other road users do not allow compromise. The Škoda cars are therefore meet only the most advanced technology!

The new Octavia is also equipped with an immobilizer fourth generation, and label with VIN code and barcode. Safety reflectors or lights in front doors, shutting off the fuel system crash and auto power warning lights during panic braking is another important element to ensure your safety.

Technical characteristics - Škoda Octavia combi 1,6 TDI GreenLine


External dimensions
Length (mm) 4569
Width (mm) 1769
Height (mm) 1468
Wheelbase(mm) 2578
Internal dimensions
Lateral room front / rear (mm) 1415/1423
Headroom in front / rear (mm) 981/984
Luggage space min./max. (l) 605/1665
Consumption combined 3,8 L / 100 km
Torque 250 Nm
Power 77 kW / 105 hp
Max. speed 191 km/h
Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h: 12,2 s